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“The Future of Smart Cities” - The first thematic conference, organised by the Business Club Belgium-Luxembourg

Publié le mercredi 14 mars 2018

The first thematic conference organised by the Business Club Belgium-Luxembourg (BCBL) on the topic of “The Future of Smart Cities” took place on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at the Headquarters of BESIX Group with presentations by sector specialists from Belgium and Luxembourg and in presence of HE Mrs Arlette Conzemis, Ambassador of Luxembourg to the Kingdom of Belgium and Vice-President of the BCBL.

Smart Cities is a very global term defining the shift of urban areas all around the world towards increased electronic data collection in order to better manage assets and resources. It relates to everything urban-related: water, electricity, waste management, information systems, law enforcement, buildings and infrastructure, governance and politics, the educational and health systems, etc. There is no doubt Smart Cities are mobilizing a wide variety of sectors, businesses and experts in order to fully achieve very ambitious goals and face colossal challenges.

The event impressively demonstrated how the different areas of the topic of Smart Cities are rapidly advancing, enabling new possibilities not only for visualization but also for planning and design, never forgetting to put in the center of considerations, the people which make up the urban population and for whom these innovations are intended.

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